April 11, 2023 | Psalm 119 – Part 3 – Your Word is Light




Psalm 119 – Your Word is Light – Part 3








You’ve dealt well with Your humble servant, according to Your precious Word

Teach me good judgment and knowledge, commandments devotedly heard

Once I was lost and afflicted, but now I stay true to Your rules

Your goodness now evermore present, but to sinners and liars and fools.



The insolent smear me with slander, but with honor I keep Your precepts

Their heart is unfeeling and fatty, but I keep your instructions well kept

I delight in Your law and I follow, Your every command and decree

Your law is more treasured than gold, more cherished than silvery gleam





Your hands have molded and made me; Your splendor has helped me to see

You’ve made me an object of courage by how you have qualified me

To walk in your ways and instruction, though weakness is where I am found

Your love and Your promise have eased me, Your mercy to never be bound.



Your law, my delight and my pleasure, it brings all the insolent to shame

The impudent try to deride me, but soon they will carry their blame

Let those who find me see examples, of how to remain in Your ways

May my heart remain blameless and holy; faithful in all of my days





 Hallowed are those who are blameness, who walk in the way of the Lord

Holy are those who are lawful, who see Him as ever adored

Sanctified, chosen and ready, careful to keep His commands

My wish to be ever more faithful, found always to keep His demands.



Then shame shall not claim me its victim, disgrace never seen at my door

Because of my gaze ever loyal, to the One I will love evermore

I will praise you in heart and with honor, when I learn of your most righteous rules

Please lead me and do not forsake me, to live life with jokers and fools





Your Words Lord, are fixed in the heavens, they cannot be shifted or moved

They stand because you Lord have willed them, steadfast and ever more proved

If Your law had found me so willing, I’d die under weight of its wrath

But I forget not all its precepts, I’m eager to follow its path



I’m yours Lord and ready to listen, to laws ever sweet to me ears

The wicked lie silent to harm me, Your laws keep me clear of the fears

The world in its way has its limits, but Your law is evermore vast

Its scope is both timeless and endless, its reach willed to evermore last