April 12, 2023 | Psalm 119 – Part 4 – Your Word is Light




Psalm 119 – Your Word is Light – Part 3









Oh, how I love Your law, I study it each day

Its rules make me the wiser its statutes show the way

I have more understanding than teachers, scribes or priests

Your testimonies fill my cup and motivate beneath



My feet keep me from harm, so I may keep Your Word

Each step to make me faithful, My ears Your laws procure

In faith I’ll always follow Your testimonies sure

Their sweeter than pure honeycomb, and keep the loyal pure






Your Word to me a lamp, to light the way to grace

My oath to you confirmed, Your rules each day to face

Lord, give me life anew, according to Your Word

Accept the freewill offering of Your servant true and pure



I hold my life in hand, forgetting not Your laws

The wicked lay in wait, exposing all my flaws

Remembering Your law, I find my care defined

It is my joy to follow them in soul and heart and mind.






I hate the false in thought, I cherish more Your law.

With you is where I hide, Your Word my hope in awe.

Depart from me now sinners, that I may keep decrees

Of one who works to bring me life, my thanks on bended knees.



Hold up Your servant Lord, so I may learn Your rules.

Teach me to follow sure, so faith within me fuels

The eagerness to be, more steadfast by my acts

 Help me to seek your everlasting love that never lacks.






I’ve done what’s just and right, Keep tyrants far away

Pledge to Your servant good, Keep brazen fools at bay

My eyes, they long to see, Your promises performed

Deal with the faithful speedily, their rescue Your reward



Teach me your own decrees, that I may know Your Word

It’s time for You to act, Your laws to all be heard

Command us Lord to love, Your laws as fine as gold

Your testaments are true and pure, a treasure to behold