April 13, 2023 | Psalm 119 – Part 5 – Your Word is Light


Psalm 119 – Your Word is Light – Part 5







Your proofs ideal and bright, Imparting truth within

I long with baited breath, for laws to save from sin

Give now to me Your grace, because I love Your name

Make steady now my steps toward truth, the sin within me tame.



Redeem me from all those, who long to see me fail

From keeping long your laws, their threats around me hail

Shine now Your face on me, and teach me how to live

My eyes are filled with strong regret for those who never give






Righteous, Lord, are you, Your laws are true and right

They are to trust forever, like darkness drawn to light

Yet enemies ignore, Your words so firm and true

Your promises have all been kept, I love them through and through



Though lowly and despised, I won’t forget Your laws

Your virtue everlasting, Your rules devoid of flaws

Though trouble and distress, have trailed me in my days

Your statutes are forever right, they govern all my ways






I call out to You, in heart and in mind, so you still might answer O Lord

I obey all Your laws, and all Your decrees, in my life they are never ignored

I rise before dawn, and cry out to you, And put all my hope in Your Word

My eyes stay unsealed, they’re open each night, so that I may ponder what’s heard



Hear now my voice, in accordance with love, preserve long my life in Your acts

Those who are mean, devise evil ways, Your Word in them never impacts

Yet You are so near, Your commands always there, to teach me and help me endure

They’re established always, forever are true, for wickedness always the cure.






Lord, look at my pain, and send me relief, for I will not forsake Your law

Plead now my case, redeem me once more, Your promise unburdened by flaw

Salvation is far, from those who forsake, Your statutes so great and so true

Grant grace to me, my life in Your hands, Your mercies forever renew.



Count now my foes, who persecute me, yet I have stayed true to Your acts

I look at the fickle, with loathing and hate, for they are untrue to the facts

That Your Word is perfect, with strength and with hope, Your love keeps the faithful preserved

Your precepts are seemless, Your guidelines complete, Your love and affection deserved.