April 18, 2023 | Psalm 119 – Part 6 – Your Word is Light


Psalm 119 – Your Word is Light – Part 6





Sin and Shin



Persecution without cause, Your Word to trembling heart

Joy in promise true, great spoil to impart

Falsehoods wicked sting, yet law made now to love

My praises ring out seven times for righteous laws above



Great peace for those who love, the law You’ve given us

You make our way secure, no stumble with our trust

I wait for rescue Lord, and follow Your commands

Obeying every statute and the rules in which I stand






May cry rings out to you, Your Word to teach me truth

My supplication comes, from lessons learned in youth

May lips to flow with praise, You teach me Your decrees

May tongue sings out with grateful praise, Your law made well to please



Your hand to help me Lord, Your laws I choose to live

I long for Your embrace, Your righteous law to give

I live so I may praise, your law is my delight

I’ve strayed away like foolish sheep but always in Your sight.