April 5, 2023 | Psalm 118 – His Love Endures Forever




His Love Endures Forever – Psalm 118





Let all of Israel shout out loud

His love endures forever

Let preachers sing both long and proud

His love endures forever

Let cries ring out from every crowd

His love endures forever

His love endures forever.



In pain I called upon the Lord

By grace He set me free

He clings to me, His love restored

Was blind but now I see.



He’s by my side, I will not fear

Now man can do no harm

My vic’try claimed through love so dear

I’m safe in mighty arms.



I’ll always trust in God my strength

My refuge sturdy and stout

Though nations go to every length

To tell me I’m without.



Though I often push away

The Lord, He helps me see

That He is both my staff and stay

And all I’ll ever need.




The righteous sing the victor’s song

They sing of true salvation

His right hand guides from every wrong

A sign of pure redemption.



I shall not die, but I shall live

And count the deeds of God.

He wants all that I have to give

And claims it in His love.



Blessed is he who comes in the name

Of the Lord so vast and true

His holy house will always claim

The light that He is due.



That light will shine on every man

The light of godly peace

I thank the Lord I’m in His plan

My life will never cease.