April 6, 2023 | Psalm 119 – Part 1 – Your Word is Light




Psalm 119 – Your Word is Light





Blessed are those who innocent walk the path paved with laws from the Lord

Blessed are those whose testaments keep, whose heart beats with holy accord

Blessed are those who walk in the ways of glory both humble and true

Blessed are those who keep God’s commands, His values forever in view.



Oh that my ways would always be right in the eyes of the author of life

Then I could walk in calmness and grace and shame would no longer suffice.

With eyes fixed on truth and praises prolonged, Your ways shall be seen in my walk

Have mercy, Oh Lord on one who is flawed, a sheep of your imperfect flock




How can a man so young and impure be saved by Your most holy Word?

A man who’s left searching for answers unclear, a man who is easily lured

My heart yearns for truth, it seeks where to go to find what You only can give.

Your precepts so clear, your law on my lips, Your acts that show me how to live



I’ve stored up Your Word, in my yearning heart, that sin would not come unto me

With mouth I declare all the rules you have made, your testaments spoken with glee

I ponder each day on your perfect grace, I fasten my eyes on Your ways

I cherish Your edicts and stand on your law, recalling it all of my days.




Deal richly my Lord with Your humble slave, that I may hold fast to your Word

Open my eyes that I may behold, my ears that Your law may be heard

Hide not the commands that I long to keep as I remain here on the earth

Rebuke all of those who wander away, may they be condemned by sin’s curse



May scorn and contempt be far from me Lord, for I have held fast to your laws

Though princes and kings devise evil plans and work to expose all my flaws

I’ll ponder each day on all your demands, Your precepts will be my delight

Finding comfort and cheer from teachings so clear, from darkness to glorious light




My soul clings to dust and longs now for life according to edicts so true

You answer me sure with every request, You teach me Your statutes anew

I study each day on your wondrous works Your Word turns my sorrow to strength

Make false ways take flight and grace overcome, Your mercy to span every length




I’ve chosen the way of faithful conform, I cling to your heavenly rules

I cleave to Your knowledge, I’m free now from shame, I run in the way of your truths

Be with me my God, enlarge my right heart, so I may now serve you complete

Show glory and strength in holy array, bring down sin to holy defeat