April 7, 2023 | Psalm 119 – Part 2 – Your Word is Light




Psalm 119 – Your Word is Light – Part 2






Teach me, O Lord, Your holy commands that I may obey to the end

Give me support as I learn your laws and teach them so I may defend

Lead me in paths of sacred command, with joy may my heart be inclined

To follow your law with resolute care, Your statutes so clearly defined



Support my attempt to study your laws, in modesty and not selfish gain

Keep now my gaze from worldly delight and give me new life in Your ways

Confirm to Your servant Your promises kept, that you may be feared and adored

Turn now the reproach that I daily dread, Your righteousness never ignored




Let your faithful love come unto me Lord, salvation with promises kept

So taunts may be met and hope soon restored, Your Word guide me with every step

My hope in your rules, forever your law I’ll walk in and seek all my life

To Kings I will speak your testaments Lord, Your statements to always suffice.



For I will delight in laws that I love, my hands raised to heaven in praise

Commandments so true, in righteousness kept, to guide me in all of my ways.

I’ll ponder always on statutes so true, I’ll keep them in heart and in mind

My hope in you clings to Your Holy Word, my study to daily remind




Remember Your word to Your servant, in which you have given me hope

My comfort now found in affliction, Your promises helping me cope

The insolent daily deride me, but I do not turn from your law

When Your rules come new to my memory, I know there is nary a flaw.



The wicked in anger deride me, they do not stay true to your Word

But yet I singing praises to rulings that You have to me once procured

At night Your sweet name gives me pleasure, Your law offers comfort and grace

Your blessings fall to me like raindrops, Your acts I will always embrace




The Lord is my portion and favor, I promise to honor His Word

I count on His grace and His mercy, His promises cheerfully heard

I think on my ways and I promise, to faithfully walk by His side

I hasten to do His commandments, His charges to always abide



Though cords of the wicked ensnare me, His law I will never forget

At midnight I rise up to praise Him, to Him I am always in debt

I walk now with all those who fear Him, with those who rely on His rule

His unending love now supplying, His statutes are clearly in view