August 23, 2022 | Psalm 35 – Vindicate Me


Psalm 35 – Vindicate Me


Challenge my challengers, be my salvation

Draw out Your spear and avenge

Shame those who shame me, make them turn back

Make all of their evil to end


Make them like chaff, before mighty winds

Drive them away in the night

Without cause they draw me, towards deep pits and nets

May nets be their own deadly plight


Then my soul will sing, in thankful reprieve

Our God is the Lord over all

“Who is like You, who shelters the poor?”

The needy to answer Your call


Malicious observers rise up against me

They ask me of things I don’t know

Though I prayed for them, when struggles were theirs

They rejoiced when my life was made low


How long o my Lord, will You look upon

Destruction that’s brought upon me?

Please rescue my soul from my many foes

And from those who attack me with glee


For they do not speak of peace in the land

But sow harmful gossip and strife

Against those who are quiet and long for the truth

Who speak not of death but of life


Be not silent O Lord, be nearer to me

Awake and provoke for my cause

Vindicate me in righteous review

Rebuke them for their many flaws


Put them to shame who cheer at my grief

Let them be clothed with disgrace

Be with all those, for righteousness sake,

Who give you their worship and praise