August 25, 2022 | Psalm 37 – The Righteous Vs. The Wicked



Psalm 37 – The Righteous Vs. The Wicked




Fear not about sinners nor envy their ways

They soon will all fade and be gone

Trust in the Lord, permit no delays

For He has reward for the strong


Commit to the Lord and He will achieve

Both perfect and fair righteousness

Be patient with Him as He works reprieve

For sins you have justly confessed


Refrain from the hate you hold in your heart

For faithful inherit the land

The wicked will last no more than spark

The meek will find peace where they stand


The wicked, they plot against those in the right

But God will reject with a laugh

They draw swords with haste and are willing to fight

But they will all die in their path


Better are those who defend what is right

Then those who let sin domineer

The Lord knows the days that Christians unite

Their Savior from shame drawing near


The wicked will perish, their sins seal their fate

They’ll fade like thin smoke on the fields

Their greed turns to craving, their loathing to hate

Their providence tragically sealed


The steps of mankind are established by God

Though they fall, they shall not be cast out

The righteous will suffer, through staff and through rod

But Yahweh shall save them from doubt


So, turn from your evil, do good in the land

The Lord will look over the true

Be not like the wicked in strong reprimand

Inherit the land meant for you


The mouth of the righteous state riches divine

The law of their God on their heart

The wicked seek vengeance, their punishment blind

The Lord’s instant judgement imparts


Mark blameless the upright, surround them with peace

Transgressors an opposite lot

Salvation the prize when iniquities cease

God’s refuge for those He has taught