August 26, 2022 | Psalm 38 – Make Haste To Help Me



Psalm 38 – Make Haste To Help Me




I fear I’ve done too much

Can God forgive my failings?

Will He keep me from His touch?

Will He here my grief filled wailings?


God’s arrows pierce my soul

His hands press down to clench

My bones forsake their role

My sins a worldly stench


My wounds, they stink and fester

I mourn throughout the days

My flesh a hollow gesture

I’ve failed to mend my ways


O Lord, I long before you

My sighing crisp and clear

My heart beats hard without you

My strength is lost in fear


My friends and family chide me

They seek my death by silent snare

False rumors swim around me

They plot to ruin me without care


But I am deaf, a mute who does not hear

I still my tongue with no censure

But You, O Lord, are always near

I wait, in fear, for Your answer


For I am ready to fall, my pain is before me

I confess my sin and am sorry

But my foes in life cannot see

They remain vigilant and mighty


Do not forsake me Lord

Do not be far from me

Be faithful to Your covenant

Make haste, O Lord, to help me.