August 3, 2022 | Psalm 32 – Here To Stay

Psalm 32 – Here to Stay




I am a man with sins made void, a man made pure as snow

Whose spirit lives in purity where no deceit is known

Whose silence comes from barren groans beneath a heavy load

With strength dried up in summer heat and sorrow daily sowed



My sin is great, my acts made known, confession turned to grace

My prayers go forth where You are found, all seeking Your embrace

I find in You security, a humble hiding place

Preserving me from trouble and providing my escape.



You instruct me and You guide me in the way that I should go

You counsel me and guard me in my life’s circadian flow

You ask of me to discipline my life so it may grow

Into something better able to reflect Your perfect glow



The sorrows of the wicked make their lives a sorry waste

But steadfast love surrounds me even thru life’s hectic pace

I’m glad and I rejoice in all the things that have been placed

As a keepsake of a love that can never be replaced.