August 4, 2022 | Psalm 33 – Rise and Shout!


Psalm 33 – Rise and Shout!




The Word of God has entered, and it’s filled with faithfulness

His love fills all the pages and so does holiness

His law is filled with justice and the Gospel’s filled with peace

His love is stamped on every word, His hope on every leaf




Rise and shout to the Lord you righteous, sing His praise

Rise and shout, Make the music for Him fill this place

Rise and shout, sing the melodies of love and grace

Rise and shout, let His Words come out your grateful face.



His Word has made the heavens, with His breath He made the earth

He gathered up the water and the lands He gave their birth

Let the earth rejoice and fear Him as in awe we rightly stand

He spoke and made it happen for the benefit of man



With skill He rules the nations and with wisdom guides our hearts

All disciples make a difference, every Christian plays a part

The Lord looks down from heaven and He sees His children sing

So, Rise and shout, give your thanks to God for everything