August 5, 2022 | Psalm 34 – The Lord Hears


Psalm 34 – The Lord Hears




I will bless the Lord in good times and bad

His praise forever on my lips

I will boast for all the humble to hear

His name will not be eclipsed



I sought the Lord and he answered me

He quieted all of my fears

Those who see Him see with radiant face

Their joy and respect always clear



The poor man cries and God answers his call

The troubled receive His compassion

His angels encamp to protect those in need

Deliverance always in fashion



O taste and see that the Lord, He is good

A blessing to all who need shelter

Those who fear Him will never have lack

The good things in life ever better



Please come sweet children and listen to me

I will teach of the fear of the Lord

Learn how a man may love all his days

With goodness that all can afford



Keep your tongue from evil, your lips from deceit

Turn from sin and do good

Seek peace in every part of your life

Pursue all the things that you should



The eyes of the Lord seek those who do right

His ears always hearing their cries

The face of the Lord is against those who sin

Their memory to fade as it dies



The righteous will struggle with worldly desire

But God will deliver them all

Not one bone is broken of those who have faith

But the wicked will break in their fall