December 1, 2022 | Psalm 68 – Awesome Is Our God



Psalm 68 – Awesome Is Our God





Enemies beware and rivals take heed

God is at hand to scatter you.

Flee for your lives for as wax melts

                                        And smoke dissolves

So will the wicked perish


Fear the righteous and make way for the worthy

For God exults them

Their joy ever upon their lips

                                            Singing a new song

Shouting praises to the most high


God settles the solitary and frees the prisoner

He leads his people through the wilderness

In quakes the earth shall arise

                             The heavens shall empty

The inheritance of the faithful to be restored


The Lord gives Word of His return

The armies flee with fear

The women divide the spoil

                                         Their men in wait

Wings of doves covered with silver



On the mountain of God, the Lord dwells

His chariots made ready for war

Leading a host of captives

                               Receiving gifts

Even the rebellious shower Him with offerings


Blessed be the Lord, our bearer

He is the God of all salvation

The deliverer from death

                                   His crown adorned

Promising to bring back His people


The procession of the King is coming

Into the sanctuary He is bound

The singers and musicians take their place

                                       The virgins play tambourine

The Fountain of Israel is upon us


Power summoned in majestic manner

Rebuking the beasts that dwell

Trampling underfoot the proud

                                       Those who delight in war

Awesome is our God!