December 12, 2021 | Luke 1:39-45


Bible Study Questions – Luke 1:39-45


Think of the context and the time, what is so unusual about what Mary did immediately after hearing from the angel Gabriel? Joshua 20:7


Why do you think she was in such a hurry?


Why do you think she picked Elizabeth of all people to visit first?


Why do you think Joseph is not mentioned?


What wonderful things happened as soon as Elizabeth saw Mary? How did this help both Elizabeth and Mary?


Why does the scripture say Elizabeth was “filled with the Holy Spirit”? Aren’t all believers filled with the Holy Spirit the moment they believe? Verse 15, 67


How did Elizabeth know, without being told, that Mary was pregnant with the Savior of the world? Have you ever had a similar experience of knowing something without being told? Explain.


How would little unborn John the Baptist have known that Mary was carrying the Messiah?


What does unborn John the Baptist’s reaction tell you about the value of life before birth?


Why do you think Elizabeth assumed the babies movement was because of joy?


Why was it a foregone conclusion, while John the Baptist was still in the womb, that he would choose to obey and have faith in God and fulfill the plan of God as he grew up? Didn’t he have freedom of choice? Romans 8:29 -30, 9:10-13


Elizabeth gives three “blessings” to Mary. What are they? Try and explain each one. Deuteronomy 28:14; Psalm 127:3; John 20:29


Why do you think Elizabeth thought it was such an honor for Mary to come to her? Verse 43


Since Mary is called “blessed … among women”, should she be worshiped as some claim based on this phrase? Why or why not?


How important are the blessings we give to one another?


What blessing do you wish someone would give to you today?