December 15, 2022 | Psalm 73 – No More A Rival



No More A Rival





God is good to all His people, to those who are pure of heart

But as for me, my feet have stumbled, my steps forsake my start

For I was envious, an arrogant soul, resentful of the wicked

I longed for gifts that were not mine, a righteous soul evicted


The wicked have no pangs of death, their bodies fat and sleek

They are not troubled by others sin, they despise the humble and meek

Evil pride is there’s to wear like jewels upon the neck

Violence worn like garments, spite and folly for effect


They scoff and speak with nasty tongues, they threaten fearful men

They set their mouths against the heavens, their goal as one revenge

They question God and find no fault in evil ways abided

They rest their hope on worldly gain, neglecting what God has provided


In hopelessness I’ve kept my heart devoid of fault and sin

I’ve washed my hands with blamelessness, my face with innocence.

My every day is stricken by rebuke and bitter hurt

I weary at the thought of how to grasp to earthly mirth


But then I entered into God’s own heavenly sanctuary

Eager for the peace of Him who lessens burdens carried

Its He who makes the wicked fall to ruin by their evil

Like a dream when one awakes and finds his only friends the devil


With soul embittered and pricked at heart I battled with my God

But yet He still adores me and He waits for my response

My flesh and heart may fail but I will never be alone

My God is always with me, and with Him I’ll find my home


Those who curse and sneer at God fall far from where they perish

Their everlasting fate awaits away from all they cherish

But as for me I’m good with God, I long for His arrival

He is my refuge tried and true, no more am I a rival