December 2, 2022 | Psalm 69 – A Desperate prayer



Psalm 69 – A Desperate Prayer





Save me, O God, from the waters at my neck

In mire I sink with no foothold

The waters are rising, my life is a wreck

My eyes growing dim in the cold


More in number then the hairs of my head

Are those who hate me without cause

With might they come to see that I’m dead

Their evil to be met with applause


Please don’t let those hopeful in you

Be brought to shame through me

For Your sake I bear my heartache anew

My life now one of humility


A stranger to brothers, an alien to sons

My life is lived in reproach

My zeal for God has come undone

My enemies now quickly approach



But unto you my prayers now ascend

I wait for your answer with fervor

I seek Your strength to help me defend

From letting my foes advance further


Help me from sinking still further in mud

Help me escape the deep waters

Hold back the torrent, prevent the flood

That threatens my life to the slaughter


Answer me Lord for Your love is moral

Turn to me now in Your mercy

Hold not Your face from my greatest sorrow

Make haste to redeem me and save me


You know my struggle, You feel my pain

Let your salvation of my help me fly

I’ll sing Your song and I’ll praise Your name

With thanksgiving my heart will revive


For the Lord hears the needy and recues the lost

May heaven and earth praise Him highly

Our God will save Zion no matter the cost

His power on display ever mightily