December 20, 2022 | Psalm 73×2 – Truly




Psalm 73 – Truly





Truly our God is good to those who let Him dwell within

But selfish ways forbid us from defending ourselves from sin

The sinner uses pride to guard from worldly pain and woe

Their lives now empty shadows with nowhere left to go


Their eyes swell out with fatness, their hearts with folly flow

They scoff and speak with malice, their threats of fury glow

They set their mouths on slander, their tongues with libel wag

They turn from righteous charity, their souls a dirty rag


In vain I keep no evil, my hands still clean of vice

My every day is stricken with censure, pain and strife

I fail to understand Him, often worried about the task

Until I find His refuge, His protection from the wrath


The foes of God are ruined, in a moment they’re destroyed

Swept away in bitterness, like a dream their fate deployed

God’s call to action envisioned, the phantoms brought to shame

A heart at once embittered, My fate and theirs the same


Nevertheless, He hears us, as hearts cry out for peace

Our spirits yearn for guidance, our souls for heaven reach

Our one desire is Abba, We search for no one else

Though flesh and heart may stop us, our God will never fail


The one who rejects shall perish, Their end a tragic life

But those who choose redemption, are free from earthly strife

Our God is our mighty refuge, from every worldly foe

He is our faithful haven, may all the world soon know