December 21, 2022 | Psalm 74 – Remember




Psalm 74 – Remember





O Lord will You cast down forever?

Why do Your sheep often quake?

Remembering the people you’ve purchased

Why must they quiver and shake?


Direct now Your steps to the ruins

Where enemy has utterly destroyed

Your foes roar with victory thunder

They lash out with axes deployed


Yet You are a God from of old

Salvation the mark of Your power

With dominion above every other

And authority upon every hour


The sea knows by who it was made

All creatures within singing praise

The land You’ve established forever

All on it a gift of Your grace


Consider O Lord, the pure hearted

And see how Your enemy’s scoff

Withhold still Your soul from the wicked

Remember the poor and the lost


Remember Your promised redemption

Let not the broken turn back

Remember the low and the needy

Their praise rising forth without lack


Defend now Your cause toward Your people

Remember how foes disrespect

Claim victory over Your enemies

Protect now the faithful elect