December 26, 2021 | Luke 2:22-40


Bible Study Questions – Luke 2:22-40


Why was Christ being presented at the temple? Exodus 13:1-2, 11-16; Leviticus 12:1-8; Numbers 18:15


From these verses in Leviticus, how do we know the financial state of Joseph and Mary?


What does it mean to have the Holy Spirit upon you?


Describe Simeon’s emotions when he saw Jesus. Have you had similar experiences?


Why does Simeon say  “My eyes have seen your salvation?” Genesis 49:18; Psalm 51:14; Isaiah 33:2


If this “light of revelation” that Jesus will bring is for the Gentiles, and also for the glory of Israel, what is Simeon really saying about the revelation of Jesus?


Why do you think Mary and Joseph “marveled” (some translations say wondered) at what Simeon was saying?


What does Simeon mean by saying this child is appointed for the fall and rising of many in Israel?


Look at Simeon’s further prophesy in verses 34-35. Why do you think there is opposition to someone bringing the revelation of God?


What do you think he meant when he said to Mary that “a sword will pierce your own soul”?


In verse 38, as soon as Anna saw Jesus, what are two things she does immediately in response? How is this similar to the shepherds’ response in verses 17 and 20?


Compare Simon and Anna. What did they have in common?


Describe the different ways God speaks to people from this passage. Verse 22; 26; 37-38


What does verse 40 tell us about the humanity of Jesus?


What do these verses tell us about Jesus’ divinity?


What can you learn from the lives of Jesus, Mary, and Joseph and how they lived as a holy, faith-filled family that you can apply to your own family?


How does your lifestyle reflect “holiness and devotion” while awaiting the coming of the “day of the Lord?