December 9, 2022 | Psalm 71 – Refuge



Psalm 71 – Refuge






In You, O Lord, I take refuge

Let me never be put to shame

In your righteousness shield and deliver me

Count me among those You’ve saved


Be to me a rock of refuge

To which I continually appear

You have given the command to save me

My Rock and Fortress are near


Rescue me now from the wicked

From the grasp of the unjust and the cruel

In You, O Lord, do I trust in

As I have done since the days of my youth


Upon You I have learned from the start

From before my formation to the earth

My praises will rise without ending

Because You have brought refuge and mirth


My mouth is filled with Your praises

And with Your glory all the day long

Bless me when I am old and aged

Forsake me not when my strength is gone



For my enemies consult of my ending

They lie saying You never heeded

But You, O Lord, do I count on

Make haste to help me when needed


May accusers be shamed and devoured

With scorn and disgrace may they tarry

In You I will boast and be righteous

Because righteousness saves and makes merry


O God, from my youth You have taught me

And I still speak of Your wondrous acts

Forsake me not as I grow aged

So, I may tell boldly of facts


Your righteousness reaches the heavens

All the great things, Lord, you have done

You have made me to see all my troubles

And have revived a soul come undone


I will praise you with harp and with singing

For Your faithfulness knows no bounds

My lips will shout out their praises

My soul will rejoice in the sound