February 16, 2023 | Psalm 97 – The Lord Reigns



Psalm 97 – The Lord Reigns




The Lord reigns, let the earth rejoice

Let the coastland sing with one pure voice

Let the righteous cheer let the justified praise

My the foes of God find their end in blaze



The Lord Reigns as He lights up the world

The earth’s shakes as His plan’s unfurled

The mountains melt as the heavens proclaim

That His righteousness and His glory remain



Idol converts are shamed and their idols burst

Their worshippers moan and their idols are cursed

But on Zion’s land all its daughters are glad

Because Your judgements, Lord, have remained in the land



You who love the Lord, guard yourselves from sin

Preserve your lives by the Spirit within

He’ll deliver you from the wicked and bad

So, rejoice in the Lord, and all your days will be glad