February 27, 2022 | Luke 9:28-36


Bible Study Luke 9:28-36



When was a time you were talking but should have been listening?


What was the difference is Christ’s appearance before and during His transfiguration? (Isaiah 53:2b) Why did there have to be a difference?


What does verse 31 say is the purpose of Moses and Elijah meeting with Jesus? (Luke 9:22)


So in a nut shell, if you were asked why did God send both Moses and Elijah, how would you answer that question?


Why was Christ’s death and resurrection important to Moses and Elijah?


Compare Luke 3:22 with Luke 9:35. What similarities and differences do you notice?


Why the change?


Why do you think Jesus takes three disciples with Him, especially if they are going to fall asleep and miss this amazing event.


What lesson were they taken there to learn?


When was a time when you experienced God in a special way? What happened in your story?


Why was this a time that it was especially important to begin listening to Jesus more closely?


This Bible story leaves each one of us with a clear command from God – to listen to Jesus. What are some of the reasons that people give for not taking special listening time each day?


Read 2 Peter 1:13-19. How was Peter’s life changed from this event? How was Peter’s life changed when he decided to listen rather than react?


What is your estimation of Jesus and why is it important to listen to Him?


On a very personal note, how do you go about “listening to Jesus” each day? (Being real and honest about this is more important than giving a nice-sounding answer).


Are there ways that we can help each other with a little accountability so that we are taking time each day to “listen to Jesus”?