February 3, 2023 | Psalm 91 – The Shelter of God



Psalm 91 – The Shelter of God




He who dwells in the shelter most high

Will abide in the shadow of Might

I say to the Lord, my haven and strength

“It is you I trust each night.”



From the snare of the fowler so deadly and sharp

You bring us safely home

Covered in your gentle restraint

Your wings to hold each soul



Your faithfulness a shield and guard

Your courage to rule the dark

Your mighty arms a worthy place

Where weary souls embark



A thousand may fall at your side

Ten thousand to your right

But nothing shall loosen your mighty grasp

The wicked will run in fright



Because our Lord guards those He loves

No evil shall ever befall

No plague shall come to break us down

No wickedness too tall



For He commands His angels concerning us

To guard in all our ways

Their hands providing safety sure

For all remaining days



On lion You tread, on adder you stride

The serpent you crush underfoot

You protect all those who know Your name

And answer those hard put



“I will be with Him in trouble” You say

“I will honor and rescue him too

In satisfaction he’ll live many days

My salvation his faithfulness due.”