February 6, 2022 | Luke 5:1-11


Bible Study Questions – Luke 5:1-11


In verse 4, how does the scene change? If you were Simon, how would you be feeling?


Do you suppose that Jesus chose Peter’s boat on purpose? If so, what was the purpose?


James and John have watched this whole thing. What might have gone through their minds as Jesus made the suggestion to Simon about putting out into the deep?


What lesson is Jesus teaching in His miracle of catching many fish?


Peter is rewarded because He let the Savior lead. How many harvests do we miss out on because we make excuses instead of doing what Jesus said?


Can you remember the first time you really understood who Jesus was?


Think about your day. List some of your opportunities to obey the prompting of the Holy Spirit. How do you choose when to obey and when to disobey?


What small lesson can we learn from Peter calling on his friends to haul in the fish?


Paul repents and kneels at the Savior’s feet because he’s “astonished” at the catch of fish. In return Jesus says, “Do not be afraid; From now on you will be catching men.” What did Jesus mean?


Should every Christian have the purpose of reaching the lost or is this only the job of some? Defend your answer biblically. Psalm 105:1; Isaiah 12:4; Matthew 5:15-16, 28:19-20; Mark 10:29-30; 16:15; John 15:8; Acts 13:47, 20:24; 1 Peter 3:15


What are some pros and cons (if any) of Christians being trained to share their faith?


How can we maintain a profound sense of God’s holiness and yet relate to sinful people without seeming “holier-than-thou”?


What is the scariest aspect of being involved in evangelism for you?


Explain in your own words the phrase, “They left everything and followed Him?”


Is Christ’s call to you any different today? Why or why not?


If you had been one of these three fishermen, what characteristics of Jesus would have led you to leave everything to follow him?


Is there anything in your life you are holding on to too tightly? Is God calling you to give up something in order to follow Him completely? When you reach the gates of eternity, what will be in your hands?