February 9, 2023 | Psalm 94 – You Are My God of Vengeance



Psalm 94 – You Are My God of Vengeance




You are my God of vengeance

You shine forth like the rising of the sun

You are my judge most holy

Your decree against the pompous has begun


Why do the evil prowl ‘round us?

What do they in their vanity really gain?

They kill the widow and afflicted

They think you do not see them or give blame


You made the ear for hearing

You gave eyes so the righteous may now see

You rebuke the nations who fail you

You teach knowledge to the needy and the weak


Blessed is the man you chastise

Blessed is he who follows your command

You give him his rest and his rescue

You make it so the righteous may now stand


Who rises against the wicked?

Who’ll stand up for the holy in their need

It’s You, oh Lord, who saves us

Without you all the evil would succeed


Your love, Oh Lord, sustains me

You console me in the greatest of my fears

You’re my stronghold when worries assail me

You’re my rock, the collector of my tears