January 10, 2023 | Psalm 79 – O God, O Lord




Psalm 79 – O God, O Lord





O God

The wicked have come for your wealth

They defile sacred places

They have sacrificed Your servants

Pouring their blood on sacred spaces


O Lord

How long will Your anger reign?

Will You be jealous forever?

Use Your anger against them

For it is they who slay believers


O God

Do not remember our sins

May your compassion come to meet us

For we have been brought very low

Deliver atonement to greet us


O Lord

Why should the nations say,

“Where is their God to save them?

By Your vengeance rule with might

Please open the eyes You gave them



O God

Let their groans be heard in heaven

Preserve those doomed to die

Return their taunts and sneers

Ignore their futile cries


O Lord

We are Your people pure

The sheep within Your pasture

Our thankfulness we give

Our praise rings out forever