January 12, 2023 | Psalm 80 – Restore




Psalm 80 – Restore




Give ear, O Shepherd of Israel

Enthroned with Cherubim, shine

Stir up Your might to save us

Restore us, O God, to be thine


O, Lord of hosts, be gentle

How long will Your anger persist?

The tears of Your people are many

The love of our neighbors’ resists



Restore us, O God our Savior

Your face to shine bright like the sun

You brought out the vine from Egypt

And drove out the nations as One


You cleared all the ground before it

The mountains all covered with shade

Its land reached out to the waters

You blessed everything You had made


Why then have You broken our spirit?

Why do our enemies cheer?

The fruit that we plant is ravaged

Our enemies still drawing near


Restore Your people, O God

Look down from heaven above

Replant the vine You has planted

Return our lives with Your love


Let Your hand be on him who is worthy

The one You’ve made strong for us all

Give us life in Your name as we sojourn

Restore us, O Lord lest we fall