January 13, 2023 | Psalm 81 – Shout Out Loud




Psalm 81 – Shout Out Loud





Sing out loud for all to hear

Shout with cries of bliss

Sound the bells out clean and clear

The God of Jacob to bless


With divine decree He keeps His line

From Egypt saved and sure

His caring guidance a holy sign

Of love so strong and pure


With mercy great and pardon true

God rebukes the sin of man

He only asks we hear anew

His plans for us to stand


Yet pride and vanity will not allow

His people to relate

Their itching hears refuse to bow

They choose the sinners fate


Oh that His people would long to heed

And walk in Godly ways

Then God would bless in word and deed

All souls who would obey.


In grasping God who claims His seat

Upon His heavenly throne

Were fed both with the choicest wheat

And honey from the stone.


So play the lyre, blare trumpet proud

Use tambourine and song

Cry out in faith among the crowd

It’s Christ for whom you long


Give Him your praise in grateful prayer

And trust in Him to know

Your every burden, every care

Let faith within you grow.