January 25, 2023 | Psalm 86 – Ever Blessed



Psalm 86 – Ever Blessed





Incline Your ear that You may hear a cry of desperate need

A prayer that’s from a desperate heart that sends a desperate plea



Preserve a life that trusts in You and serves You faithfully

By caring for a crying soul devoid of hope and glee.


For You, O Lord, are good and kind, I lift my soul to You

I ask you for Your promised peace and Your forgiveness too.


Incline Your ear to hear my prayer by Your most precious grace

I wait with hope for your reply my heart with quickened pace


There’s none like You among the gods we shape with idle hands

Nor are their works that can compare to Your unflawed demands


One day all nations then shall come and worship at Your feet

They’ll glorify Your name once more, their praises to repeat


Teach me Your way and guide me to an understanding mind

That I may walk with You in truth and thankfulness divine


For great is Your most steadfast love towards me and all in faith

You save us from the devil’s lures and everlasting hate


Still other men rise up against your faithful servant Lord

They seek to end my feeble life with pestilence and sword



Turn Your gracious face to me and fill me with Your strength

Show me a sign that Your prepared to go to any length


Because You Lord have welcomed me and helped me when distressed

You comfort me in times of need, for that I’m ever blessed.