January 27, 2023 | Psalm 88 – A Prayer of Sorrow



Psalm 88 – A Prayer of Sorrow





Lord of Salvation hear my cries,

Turn Your ear my way

For my soul, is filled with fear

That Hell is here to stay



Like one set loose, among the dead

Like those we’ve long forgot

I fall in pits, of deep despair

Your wrath my only lot



My friends have gone, They are no more

They shun me all my days

I can’t escape my worldly sorrows

I call to you for faith



Are you working for the dead?

Do dead men get Your love?

Is steadfast care for lives gone by?

Is darkness from above?



Hear me Lord, I cry to you

My prayer within Your grasp

Hold me close and do not hide

Through vail or foreign mask



I suffer woes with helpless soul

Your wrath has pushed away

Like a flood I drown in grief

I languish in the pain