January 3, 2023 | Psalm 76 – Fear and Praise




Psalm 76 – Fear and Praise





In Judah God is known, In Israel still the same

In Salem is His abode, in Zion His dwelling place

There He broke the arrows with shield and sword and war

So fear would reign no longer and sin would be no more


Glorious is our God, Majestic above the peaks

He strips the foe of spoil, in triumph His power speaks

Rider and horse lay stunned, by admonition raised

Our God is one to fear, no other should be praised


From Heaven He laid down judgement, the earth stood still and feared

Our God arose with prudence to save all those held dear

The wrath of men shall praise Him, God wears them as a band

Make vows to God and do them, bring gifts with grateful hands