January 5, 2023 | Psalm 77 – Faithful Cry




Psalm 77 – Faithful Cry





I cry out to God, and He hears me

I seek Him where He may be found

My hands stretched with longing to greet thee

But my soul still remains earthly bound


I moan while remembering God

Fainting spirit within while I pray

With troubled self I am trod

Muted daily by fear and shame


I consider the days long ago

I remember my song in the night

Let me meditate true as I go

And my sprit will search every height


Will the Lord spurn His servant forever?

Will His love cease to cover my sin?

Will His promises kept now be severed?

Will His grace touch my heart from within?


Then I said, “I’ll appeal to His nature”

I’ll remember the deeds of the Lord

I’ll meditate daily with pleasure

What God is as great in accord?


You are the God who works wonders

You are the God of all might

You redeemed us all beyond number

With authority the wrong became right


When the waters gazed at Your power

They quaked as they witnessed Your presence

The clouds produced rain as they cowered

Their lightning flashed bright by Your guidance


Your way was through water and strength

Yet footprints are yet to be seen

You led faithful people at length

By Moses and Aaron made clean