January 6, 2023 | Psalm 78 – A Story of Salvation




Psalm 78 – A Story of Salvation





Give ear, O my people, to my teaching

Incline your ears to my words

I will open my mouth with a story

I will utter dark sayings unheard


The stories sent down from our fathers

To be told to the youth of the world

The glorious deeds of the Father

The wondrous legend unfurled


God established a witness in Jacob

And appointed the law in the land

Commanding the teaching of children

So hope might be found in His plan


They were taught not to overlook Abba

But to tell of His glorious deeds

They were taught that the laws were important

that their ancestors failed to heed


The Ephraimites armed with the bow

Turned back when they knew they had lost

They failed to trust God’s every promise

neglecting to recall what that costs


They forgot all His works and His wonders

That were shown to their fathers of old

He divided the sea to pass through it

Making waters stand up and not fold


In the daytime He led them with cloud

At nighttime a pillar of flame

He split rocks for water to drink

Yet they sinned even more in His name


They tested God with every heartbeat

Demanding the things that they craved

They spoke against God in their moaning

Forgetting in whom they were raised


When God heard all this He was angered

And kindled a fire of rage

His wrath rose against all of Israel

Having failed to believe in His grace


Yet He gave them their manna to nourish

Sending grain from the heavens above

Man ate from the bread of the angels

Made possible by God’s purest love


God gave them some meat in great measure

Like sand there were too many to count

They ate and were filled by His mercy

Yet they still kept progressing their doubt


God’s anger once more came with vengeance

And He killed all the strongest of men

In spite all of this they were spiteful

Their trust in God too low to mend


He made their days vanish like vapor

Until His anger caused their knees to bend

They repented and asked God for mercy

His grace and His kindness to send


They flattered Him with earnest voices

But lied to Him with tongues unfurled

Their hearts were not steadfast towards Him

Their faithlessness shown to the world


Yet He was compassionate to them in their suffering

Atoning their sin and their shame

He did not destroy them for sinning

But stayed true to the glory of His name


God remembered their earthly shortcomings

A wind that passes and is gone

Once grieved in the desert by His children

Now saved by His grace all along


In Egypt God turned streams to blood

No refreshment from waters obtained

With flies He devoured their lands

With frogs he destroyed what remained


Wild locusts came next to destroy

All the fruits of their labor still there

He destroyed all the vines of the field

And killed cattle with hail everywhere


Then He led all His people like sheep

And guided them through as a flock

He led them with care without fear

And left all their rivals in shock


God brought them to land He had blessed

To the mountain His right hand had won

He drove out the nations before them

So they could live jointly as one


Yet they tested and rebelled against God

And did not keep laws He’d laid down

Instead, they were drawn as their fathers

To evil where it could be found


They provoked God to anger with sacrilege

And moved Him to jealously with idols

So, God soon withheld all His favor

And delivered them up to mere mortals


Fire devoured the young men who were wicked

He took from young women their chants

The priests fell to death by the sword

And old women withheld their lament


Then the Lord God awake as in slumber

Like a man shouting out for his wine

He destroyed all the enemies of Israel

And brought shame upon them and their kind


Then He chose all His people in Judah

And Mount Zion, the area He loves

He built for His people a refuge

Like the one He has waiting above


He chose Daniel, His servant, to lead them

To shepherd the land He had won

With upright heart he was faithful

To guide them ‘til all works were done