January 9, 2022 | Matthew 2:1-18


Bible Study Questions – Matthew 2:1-18


*Interesting fact* Bethlehem means “house of meat” in Arabic and “house of bread” in Hebrew


Who else in Scripture is connected to Bethlehem? Genesis 35:19; Ruth 1:1-5; 1 Samuel 16:1-5; 2 Chronicles 11:5-6


Who were the Magi? Where did they come from? Magician comes from the root word magi. Daniel 2:1-2


What is interesting to you concerning their interest in a particular star? What does that mean?


Where might the Magi have learned about this prophesy of the coming king? Daniel 1:3-6


Who does the Bible record as having been appointed as master of the Magi? Why? Daniel 2:46-49


Why do you think only Matthew tells of this part of the story of Jesus?


What was the nature of the star? What are some possibilities? Exodus 24:15-17; Luke 2:8-9


Read Matthew 2:3-6, 13, 16. Who was King Herod? What kind of man was he?


Why was Herod disturbed when the Magi arrived in town?


It says in verse 3 that when Herod was troubled about prophesy “all of Jerusalem” was troubled with him. Why do you think this was?


Which prophet is quoted in verse 6? What kind of person would the Christ be? Ezekiel 34:22-24; John 21:15-17; Revelation 7:16-17


Why would Herod have asked the Magi secretly about the exact time the star had appeared?


What did Herod tell the Magi he wanted to do when they told him where the child was? What action of his proved his real intention? Verse 16 Why the deception?


What are the three responses to Christ in this chapter and who made them? Are those same responses around us today? Which response do you identify with?


Read verses 9-12. What 2 amazing and divine things happened when they left King Herod that led the Magi to the house in Bethlehem in which Jesus was staying?


What were the gifts that the Wise Men brought used for? What is their significance in relation to Christ? Exodus 30:34-38; John 19:39-40;


Besides their personal welfare, what is another reason that God desired to protect the Wise Men from Herod?


Who was the real murderer behind Herod? What effect did Herod’s rage have on him & how did he express his rage? Verses 16-18