July 15, 2022 | Psalm 27 – Light and Rescue



Psalm 27 – Light and Rescue



The Lord’s my light and rescue

 whom shall I choose to fear?

His strength and might remain true

His shelter always near


When evil ones assail me,

to eat the flesh I’m in

It’s He who guards and shields me

From threats of those who sin


One thing I ask of the Lord my God

That I may dwell with Him

From birth to death and then beyond

To serve Him life and limb


For he will hide me safe and sound

And lift my troubled soul

He’ll groom me so I’m heaven bound

And pay my sinful toll


Hear me O Lord as I cry aloud

An answer to impart

Keep me safe as You have vowed

And calm my troubled heart

Teach me Your ways and lead me on

The path that leads to life

May truth remain from dusk till dawn

And rule the dead of night


I believe that I shall look upon

Our good and gracious God

In patience I will carry on

And see where He has trod


While here on earth I’ll faithful serve

Our one and only Lord

May He alone give me the strength

To act in one accord