August 7, 2022 | Luke 12:22-34



Bible Study Questions – Luke 12:22-34



What causes you to worry?



Why is worry useless? Verse 25-26; Matthew 10:19, 13:22; 1 Corinthians 7:32; Philippians 4:6; 1 Peter 5:6-7



In what sense is worry a sin?



How are greed and worry connected?



Why should we not worry about what to eat and what to wear? What is Jesus really saying here?



God’s care over sparrows is mentioned in 12:6-8. Ravens are mentioned in 12:24. What is similar about these statements? How does the raven differ from the sparrow, from a Jewish viewpoint? Psalm 147:7-9



The lillies spoken of in verse 27 are wild day lilies which are so named because their bloom only lasts a day. Why would Jesus use this particular flower?



Where can we learn about the splendor of Solomon’s wardrobe? 1 Kings 10:4-5



When Jesus speaks about the Father clothing us in verse 28, what is he saying?



What is Jesus equating worry to in verse 29? James 1:6



How is Jesus calling us to be different than “the nations” in verse 30? Matthew 6:7-8



How do we seek the kingdom of God? Matthew 5:20



How does what we seek set our life’s direction?



How can we seek his kingdom practically? Acts 4:36-37; 1Timothy 6:18-19?



How does doing the right thing lead to blessings being added to us?



What is the significance to you that the Father has given you the Kingdom (12:32-32)? How does it make you feel? What does it consist of? How is it effective in this life? How is it effective in the life to come?



Why should you sell possessions and give to the poor? What sense does that make?



Explain how finding one’s treasure is like finding their heart.