July 4, 2021 | What Is Sin?

Hey Sunday School Friends!

This Sunday is the 4th of July! This is a national celebration of America’s Independence, and as part of that celebration, we get to shoot off fireworks with our family, friends and neighbors!! As we think about freedom this weekend, we also remember another kind of freedom that God won for us on the cross – freedom from our sin!

Below is a short Devotion you can do with your Mom or Dad, or your Mom AND Dad after you watch the ONLINE Sunday Worship for July 4, 2021 (See the information above to watch this week’s Worship Video!)


Sunday School Devotion for July 4, 2021

A picture containing drawing, table Description automatically generated Today we’re watching a video called “What is Sin?” As we continue to talk about the Ten Commandments God tells us what He wants us to do and what He does NOT want us to do! When we follow God and listen to His Word, life goes better for us. But if we ignore God and do the things that He tells us NOT to do, that is sin. And sin can really mess up our lives because it hurts us and it hurts the people around us. (If you want, you can get a Maze, or print the one below, to use in the activity below)

Let’s think about SIN…

What exactly is Sin?

(Sin is anything we do that God has told us NOT to do)

How does God decide when something is sin and when something is NOT sin?

(God knows what will help us, and what will hurt us – the things that hurt us is sin)

How does sin hurt us?

(Sin is doing things WE want to do that God does NOT want us to do – sin separates us from God, and from each other)

What happens if we ignore God and keep sinning?

(Eventually we will not be able to hear God’s voice anymore, and we will stop following Him all together)

What happens if we admit we are sinning and ask God to help us?

(Jesus died on the cross to forgive us for all of our sins, and He promises to help us stay away from sin if we ask Him!)

(Get a marker and do the MAZE – see if you can find the path to God’s Word!)

40 Christian Mazes ideas | bible for kids, sunday school crafts, sunday school

How is life like a MAZE?

(We often take the wrong path and end up at a dead end – like in the MAZE)

Why do we take the wrong path?

(Because we think we know where we are going, but we really don’t)

Why do people sin?

(Because some people don’t want God telling them what to do)

What happens if we don’t listen to God?

(We will probably be stuck in the MAZE and never find our way out)

What happens when we DO listen to God?

(God has promised to lead and guide us – He will help us through the MAZE)

Can we stop sinning on our own?

(No! We are not strong enough to resist temptation – we need God’s help)

How can we listen to God so He can help us?

(You can hear God’s voice at Church, in prayer, and by reading the Bible)

God gave us the Ten Commandments because He knows we would get lost in sin without His guidance! The Ten Commandments tell us what we should do, and what we should not do, so that we can stay away from sin and stay close to God! If we listen to God and follow Him life will be better than if we ignore God and do what we want. When we sin, we hurt ourselves and the people around us. When we follow God, He shows us how to love each other like He loves us!

Watch the Video called “What is Sin?”


  • God gave us the Ten Commandments so we would know the best way for us to live.
  • If we listen to God and follow Him, life will be better than if we ignore God and do what we want.
  • God does not want us to sin because when we sin it hurts God, it hurts us, and it hurts other people around us!
  • We can’t stop sinning on our own, but if we listen to God He will help us and keep us safe from sin!

One place in the Bible where God tells us how His Word guides us in the right path is Psalm 119:105. And 1 Corinthians 10:13 tells us how God promises to help us when we face the temptation to sin!



Make your own list of Commandments! Draw a line down the middle of a piece of paper to make two columns. On the left side write a list of things you know God does NOT want you to do (like: lying, hitting, disobeying, taking things that are not yours, making fun of people, etc.) On the right side write a list of things you know God DOES want you to do (like: telling the truth, being kind, obeying parents, helping others, being patient, sharing toys, etc.) Pick ONE thing from the list on the right side, and ask God to help you do that thing this week!


Say this Prayer together: Dear God, thank You for giving us the Ten Commandments, so we can know the things You want us to do, and the things You do NOT want us to do! Help us to stay close to You, and to listen to You, so we can stay far away from sin! In Jesus’ Name we pray, Amen.

Look for a new Sunday School Devotion next week!!

Stay Safe!  Stay Healthy!


Mr. K


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