July 6, 2022 | Psalm 21 – David’s Praise



Psalm 21 – David’s Praise


Oh Lord in Your strength the king rejoices

And in your salvation exults

You give to him all, no limit to choices

Your granted requests the result.


You meet him with blessings, a crown for his head

You gave him his life as a gift

Forever and ever his life will expand

His glory through rescue exists.


His splendor and majesty from you did impart

His blessings exist for all days

Forever Your blessings bring joy to his heart

His trust in you, Lord, never wains.


The king has great strength because love’s won the day

His enemies quake at his feet

The love of the Lord in great triumph displayed

His appearance too great for the weak.


Be exalted, O Lord, in Your power and strength

Our praises to you shall not end

May singing ring out with no limit to length

And boundless acclaims now ascend.