July 8, 2022 | Psalm 23 – It Is There I Will Always Belong



Psalm 23 – It Is There I Will Always Belong



The Lord is my shepherd I shall not want

He leads me beside the still waters

In love He has led me from chaos and strife

To bravely face sinners and doubters


He restores the souls of all He holds dear

Giving them hope and desire

To lead well the charge of the faithful elect

With the armor of God and with fire


Though I walk through the shadow of the halls of the dead

No fear will be present to stop me

My comfort will come from the rod and the staff

Of the one who provides and protects me


In front of my enemies you prepare for the feast

Of victory before all my foes

You anoint my head with oils so sweet

My cup, as it is, overflows


Surely goodness and mercy will always be mine

As long as my faith remains strong

I will dwell in the house of my Almighty God

It is there I will always belong.