June 1, 2022 | Psalm 5 – Give Ear To My Words

Psalm 5 – Give Ear To My Words

Give ear to my words in sighing prolonged

With pleadings for help from my foes

At sunrise I pray for power so strong

At sunset Your answer well knows


For you’re not a God who delights in sin

Evil will not crowd your path

The boastful will never find access within

The wicked to face Your wrath.


But I, through your love, will enter Your house

I will bow before Your feet

In fear I will face You, a guilt-ridden mouse

Righteousness to complete


Make straight the path that leads me to peace

As enemies block my way

Their inmost ills a constant release

Their tongues an open grave


Make my enemies to bear their guilt

Let them fall by their own advice

Teach them no way to the house You have built

No recourse from all their vice


But let all who take refuge in You rejoice

Let them sing in endless praise

May they each come together with blended voice

To exalt You in all of Your ways