June 1, 2023 | Psalm 139 – The Light Of Your Love





Psalm 139 – The Light Of Your Love





You have searched me Lord and You know me complete

Whether I sit or I stand you see me

You search out my path and You know all my ways

Before I know it myself You reach me



Such knowledge, it seems, is too wonderful for me

It’s scope and its scale elude me

Your wisdom too great and intellect too broad

To ever achieve or infuse me



Where shall I go that your spirit can’t be,

Or where can I go you can’t find me?

In Heaven or pit you’ll always be there

In light or in dark you bind me



If I fly in the air or sail on the sea

Forever your hand will lead me

If I say to myself, in darkness I’ll hide

The light of your love will free me




For you formed me complete in my own mother’s womb

You fearfully and wonderfully made me

Your works are all perfect, my soul knows it well

In secret you intric ‘ly wove me.



Before I was born you saw me anew

Every day in Your book you formed me

Before day was created or earth set in stone

The heat of your power had warmed me



Your thoughts are so precious, too many to count

To think of them soon overwhelms me

At morning I wake and still you are there

Search me. O Lord, and guide me.