June 13, 2023 | Psalm 144 – A Blessed Fortress





Psalm 144 – A Blessed Fortress





The Lord is my rock and my fortress

He coaches me up for war

He leads me to love and deliver

His edicts no more to ignore



What is a man that you love him

Or a son that You think him complete

For man is once here than forgotten

Like ice giving way to the heat



Come down from the heavens and save us

Touch mountains so that they will smoke

Flash lightning and scatter the enemy

Send arrows toward those who provoke



Stretch out your hand and rescue

Deliver me from hands of the lost

Consume with Your wrath the liars

Let them pay the ultimate cost



Then I will sing of Your wonder

Upon harps I will joyfully play

My sons will grow strong in conviction

My daughters will praise every day



May our fields become ripe for the harvest

May our sheep bring forth thousands in kind

May our cattle be heavy with offspring

May our streets all be lacking in crime



For you are the God of all blessings

And blessed are all those whom you touch

Approved be all those who are faithful

All praises could not be enough