June 15, 2022 | Psalm 10 – Why Hide?


Psalm 10 – Why Hide?


Why, O Lord, do you stand far away?

Why hide when the trouble is near?

When the wicked pursue in reckless array

Why not show that deliverance is here?


With pride they parade with evil intent

Their boasts and desires well known

They deny that You live and never repent

Of the sins they’ve allowed to be sown


The ways of the wicked seem to proper and thrive

They look at their foes with disdain

They’re unmoved by hearts filled with hopes to revive

The innocent, the weak and the lame


They wait much like lions who are ready to pounce

On victims that get in their way

They pray on the helpless, not giving an ounce

Of pity on those they can sway


Arise now O Lord and lift up Your great hand

Against them that stay in their sin

The wicked are daring and are making a stand

Not allowing the calm to begin


The helpless commit their whole lives to You

The burdened give you all they are

Come rescue the orphan, give the righteous their due

Break the arms of the purveyors of war


O Lord, You are King, forever and ever

Your reign on the earth shall not cease

Give strength to Your children in every endeavor

And Your mercy to people of peace.