June 16, 2023 | Psalm 147 – For All That Is Holy





Psalm 147 – For All That is Holy





It’s Good to sing praises to our God above

Who builds up His people and gathers in love

He heals the downtrodden and binds up their wounds

He knows His creation, all nature renewed



With sounds of thanksgiving for promises kept

With lyre and voices our hearts joyful leapt

For He covers the heavens and rains on the earth

His bounty for all from the day of their birth



God delights in His people who live out their faith

Who place in Him hope by the strength of His grace

Praise God, you in Zion, for His blessings within

He bolsters our spirits and cleanses from sin



His peace reaches nations, His love never ends

His bounty far-reaching, His Word faithful sent

He speaks words with candor, His law given strength

For all that is holy He goes any length.