June 24, 2022 | Psalm 16 – Save Me, O Lord



Psalm 16 – Save Me, O Lord



Save me O Lord from the risks of the world

I come for your strength, in your arms to be curled

Without you I’m lost when temptations assault me

You are the one that protects me and guards me


As for your saints, I find they are worthy

I delight in their ways for they ever adore thee

It’s people who doubt you that cause me concern

And those who would follow, unwilling to learn


My life I surrender to do as you will

Please mold me and shape me, my old self to kill

I ponder the blessing that’ll be mine one day

When I inherit the kingdom, for this I do pray


I thank you dear Lord, for your guidance and grace

Both in daytime and nighttime, my heart shows the way

To be authentic to you Lord in all that I do

For You promise direction to all who stay true


Because of all this my heart springs a smile

It rejoices in knowing Your with me through trial

Your gift of salvation is ever before me

A promise of love for those who adore thee


You direct me and lead me to much greater things

Then the world could ever bring me with the lies that it flings

In your presence there’s joy in its fullness and splendor

In Your hand there is rescue both now and forever