June 29, 2022 | Psalm 18 – Thundering Love



Thundering Love – Psalm 18



A love so pure, my source of strength, Oh God, please hear my prayer

My rock, my fortress, my only God, my Savior from despair

Please shield me from the evil one, with power alone unmatched

And create in me a robust faith, that keeps my life attached


For the cords of death surround me, now stuck in Sheol’s trap

The snares of death deceive me as demons brashly laugh

But you, Oh God, are with me you hear my anxious cry

With mighty rage You saved me, my rescue should I die


With anger flamed, the mountains quaked, thick smoke their only fate

Consuming fire and thundering sky through earth to heaven’s gate

On Cherub wings the Lord comes down with darkness all around

Thick clouds now filled with water, raining hailstones to the ground


His anger fueled by all of those who saw me with disgust

He freed me from the demon’s snare and Satan’s deadly lust

Through misfortune and fate’s deadly blows, I stumbled through the mire

But God soon came to save me sure, with thunder and with fire


He dealt with me according to the rightness of my heart

He checked my hands for cleanness, for sins I played a part

He rewarded me for ways kept pure and purpose unalloyed

His rules were kept, His statutes claimed, my blame now null and void


With mercy and His mighty hand He saved a wretch like me

With purity and endless love He humbly made me see

That sin has no place in my heart, his pardon covers all

Forgiveness now my greatest gift, compassion soothes the fall.