June 7, 2020 | Persecution

Bible Study Questions – John 17:5-17

Why did Jesus pray this prayer? Did he have you and me in mind? Explain


Could Jesus glorify Himself? John 8:54, 11:4


How will God the Father glorify the Son’s humanity? 1 Corinthians 15:35-50


Why does Jesus say He “had” that glory?


Who had chosen Jesus’ disciples: Jesus or God the Father? Verse 6; Luke 6:12-13


What danger did the disciples face now that Jesus would no longer be with them?


In verse 9 Jesus expresses His unity with the Father, but there is also a remarkable revelation

that Jesus makes concerning His relationship and the Father’s relationship to the disciples.


What is that revelation?


Why is Jesus here not praying for the world? Verses 20-21


Why would Jesus pray for their protection? According to Verse 11, what might be lost without this protection?


In verse 13, what does Jesus want for his disciples (and for us)? How would hearing this prayer bring that joy to the disciples?


In verse 17 Jesus says the disciples are sanctified by the truth or by His Word. What does “sanctify” mean? What does the Word have to do with our sanctification?


What is one result of this sanctification or being set apart (verse 14)?


Is this kind of persecution necessary? If so, why?


Why was it important for the apostles to know persecution was coming? Why is it important for us to know?


How is the world a battle zone for Christians?


How is this battle to be won? Ephesians 6:11-18


Is there any room in this description for violence? Why is this? How does this differ from the world’s approach to persecution?


Why is it so much easier for us to go about our defense the worldly way?


What do you learn about ourselves as believers from these verses in John 17?


How can this prayer be a model for our own prayers?


How have you worked more towards avoiding persecution in Christ’s name then you have in preparing for it?