June 7, 2022 | Psalm 7 – God of Refuge


Psalm 7 – God of Refuge


Lord, in You I find my refuge, please save me from the crowd

Who like a lion chase me, my heart its evil goal

If I have wronged my neighbor, or count among the proud

Then let my foes pursue me and collect my wretched soul


Arise, Lord, in Your anger, sit high as mighty judge

Adjudicate your justice on enemies and foes

Find righteousness within me, no bitterness or grudge

According to my honor, for You’re the one who knows


May evil find its ending and righteousness renew

My You establish wisdom in those You choose to test

Save those who use integrity, to make their case for You

A righteous Judge who shields us, a God who never rests


If man seeks no repentance, God will wield His sword

His bow will be made ready, His arrows hot with flame

For sin gives birth to mischief, iniquity restored

God buries those who fight Him, so they may rise again


The sinner’s mischief fails him, and violence descends

On heads betrayed by ego, and selfish ways provoked

Yet God is ever faithful, His mercy never ends

Sing praises to His holy name, our lives forever yoked.