June 8, 2023 | Psalm 142 – A Cry for Counsel





Psalm 142 – A Cry for Counsel





The Lord, He is my counsel in conflict and in pain

He hears my cries for mercy as I come to Him again

I tell Him all my troubles and complaints I hold within

He guides me when there’s trouble, discontentment and from sin



When my spirit faints within me, He is there to show the way

When traps are set to catch me, He is my staff and stay

When I am feeling Troubled, He makes a brighter day

I cry to Him for focus and He shows to me the way



Attend to me Lord Jesus, I am reckoned very low

Deliver me from torture as the ways of man bestow

Bring me out of prison so that I begin to grow

Bring to me the righteous, may forgiveness ever flow